Triumph Krav Maga Success Stories

Triumph Krav Maga Tidjani C.

I have been to many fitness facilities over the years, but this place stands head and shoulders above your average gym. I was impressed by the trainers knowledge, and high level of professionalism. They will make sure that you get great results while minimizing the risk of injury by being attentive to detail, and by modifying exercises when necessary. I strongly recommend this facility!

Tidjani C.

Triumph Krav Maga Gerald H.

I accepted the 6 week challenge at this location and it rocked!!!! Great staff. Cardio bag on Tuesday night if your up for the challenge... #kravmaga4life Family atmosphere and if you put in the work you will get the results.

Gerald H.

Triumph Krav Maga Mark S.

Fantastic gym! I trained at Triumph for about 18 months and stopped only due to a move away from New Orleans. Whether you're looking for strength and flexibility training, self defense or fighting, this is your place! Great instructors and, significantly, a good group of fellow students. My kids also became self-defense students along the way. We're going to miss it!

Mark S.

Triumph Krav Maga Derek G.

Triumph Krav Maga is a fantastic place to get in shape or just shed a few pounds. Excellent staff from top to bottom. I actually forward to the classes.

Derek G.

Triumph Krav Maga Rachel D.

Since I've joined the Triumph Family, my personal life has improved so much! My Sciatica is also healing, naturally with the classes I've already taken: Rock Steady Boxing, Yoga, and Krav Maga. I'm feeling ready to take Monkey Bar Gym, Cardio Bag, and Kettlebells, now! To my surprise, all of this exercise and positive energy from Triumph has answered all of my prayers! Thanks to Triumph, my back is healing and they are helping give me the strength and confidence to handle my emotional baggage. I love and believe in Triumph, truly and completely! The entire team are all super supportive, understanding, and human. They're some of the most awesome people I have ever met! The instructors are living, breathing, god-like beings that inspire me and everyone else to become their best selves. Many members of KMW end up getting ink to show their devotion and that'll certainly be me, a few months from now! Everything Triumph stands for is great, because they are helping make New Orleans a better place to live by helping it's community become "stronger, faster, and harder to kill!''

Rachel D.

Triumph Krav Maga Simonette B.

I have never stuck with a gym, or any martial arts, until I discovered Triumph. The classes are fast-paced and fun, and the format allows people of many different fitness and skill levels to enjoy the same class. I never feel put down for being a beginner at something, only encouraged to learn and compete against myself. The instructors are amazing, really taking their time to make sure everyone gets what they are going over and how the moves apply in real world situations. The also teach carefully and methodically--this is really important. I have been to other Krav gyms, and Triumph's teachers made me proud that I got to learn from them. The camaraderie at Triumph, emanating from instructors and students alike, is welcoming, fun-loving, and infectious. I started off with a 6 week challenge, then jumped to Level 1 classes and started learning techniques. Then, I bought a pair of gloves and quickly developed an addiction to their epic Cardio Bag classes. More recently I have started Sparring and Thai Mitts classes to bring my skills to the next level, and am training for my first test. The two locations and growing list of class times allows me to make more classes even when my work schedule is packed. I have also started diving into other martial arts disciplines since discovering Krav, and I only hope to learn more and improve with time as I continue my training. Lastly, it has helped me lose weight (which was the original motivation) and gain muscle and flexibility. I would recommend this gym to anyone. Young, old, overweight, super-fit, they have something for everyone who is willing to expand their mind and push their body to the next level.

Simonette B.

Triumph Krav Maga Monroe M.

Awesome place, awesome trainers, and super knowledgeable staff. If you are looking for a gym to call home where you are not just treated like a number...this is your spot!

Monroe M.

Triumph Krav Maga Kimya H.

I signed up for the 6 week challenge, but was a little skeptical. I saw all the amazing things students were doing in class and I was intimidated. Before starting the challenge, I have never thrown a punch, elbow, knee or kick. After my first KM class, I was hooked. The punching and kicking that once scared me are now what I look forward to most.

Kimya H.

Triumph Krav Maga Nikolay M.

Woohoo! I just won the Triumph Krav Maga challenge. I didn’t sign up to lose the weigh, but so I can get the chance to do some martial arts again. However, I managed to lose 7.8% body fat and 18.5lbs. Thanks Triumph, I had a blast!

Nikolay M.

Triumph Krav Maga Shani H.

If you want an amazing way to get in shape and learn how to stay safe in this crazy world we live in, this is the place for you. You work out every muscle in your body in any class you take. You know greatness is in the works and you leave with a sense of accomplishment waking down those stairs back to the parking lot. All of the instructors there are amazing but I have to mention Scott Peskin... He is phenomenal at his job. He loves what he does and it shows every single day. He is an excellent motivator and a great mentor. I've been a member for two years and just signed for two more. #staysafeandfit #kravfamily

Shani H.

Triumph Krav Maga Dustin N.

Absolutely amazing studio the trainers are awesome the nutrition is spot on and above all the accountability keeps me coming back! I love this place it’s like my 2nd home check this place out you will love it

Dustin N.

Triumph Krav Maga Whitney W.

Triumph Krav Maga literally saved my life!! I was a newly diagnosed diabetic with the beginning stages of congestive heart failure. I started eating healthy about 12 months prior and going religiously to the gym,the results were minimal. I started with the 6 week challenge,lost inches and a few pounds, strengthened my heart, cut my diabetes Meds in half all in six weeks. I signed up after the challenge and I am continuing to progress. The confidence, the health benefits, the friends that I've made are invaluable. It is the hardest thing I've ever done in my life, but the most rewarding.

Whitney W.

Triumph Krav Maga Bryason B.

Great place led by one of the best Krav Maga practitioners in the country! The 6 week challenge is amazing and staying on after is well worth it! Do it now!

Bryason B.

Triumph Krav Maga Casey H.

I've been going to krav for over a year and can't say enough about the instructors. Each one brings their knowledge and experience to class along with putting you thru an exceptional workout. Bring a towel, you'll need it! They offer a nice variety of classes between krav, cardio bag and Monkey Bar Gym so you can vary your workouts. If you're bored with the typical workout at a gym come to Triumph, you will be pushed harder and see results. Plus, you get to hit things!!!

Casey H.

Triumph Krav Maga Aex C.

Had the best experience with Krav Maga, 6 week challenge. The menu was easy to follow, the classes were challenging and everyone is so nice and want to see you do well. I lost 25 pounds but gained so much more, I'm confident going forward staying on a healthy path.

Aex C.

Triumph Krav Maga Samantha K.

I am a Krav Maga student in NJ and was in New Orleans for business and heard great things about this school. I contacted them to see if I could take a class, and they could not have been nicer. They welcomed me as a guest for class. Their classes are very well taught and the instructors are highly trained. Intense classes, but a very friendly and warm environment. I highly recommend Triumph to anyone serious about learning self defense and getting into great shape. The next time I'm back in NO, I'm definitely coming back here.

Samantha K.

Triumph Krav Maga Adrian V.

This place rocks! I had an absolute blast training here as well as getting some great results. I am typically super busy so having a flexible schedule and quick workouts have helped a ton! Down 26 pounds in two months! Whoop whoop!

Adrian V.

Triumph Krav Maga Lauren N.

Facts: Life and body changing, environment is amazing, the staff better, the members, also better ... I'm the best though, they just haven't accepted that yet. They run a benefit every month for a different cause and all you have to do is check in and tag the cause of the month. They hold 6 week challenges that literally physically transform you body and mind (message me for photos, I will show you the proofs). They work with everyone of all ages, sizes, disabilities, and ailments. They strengthen and empower you with defense and physical training. You have access to the facility in-between classes to practice your lessons or your physical fitness. Everyone there is really nice, funny, fun, encouraging, understanding, empathetic, and patient (Thanks Scott!). I started with the challenge, and then hit my own challenges with a friend who recently passed. I also suffer PTSD and some health issues and minor physical limitations. When I was overwhelmed and felt impossible, they were calm and encouraging. My spirit animal is a wonderful human being who was my challenge trainer, Lynesia, and the person I think I feel most encouraged by and pushed the hardest by, is Scott, who I never doubt will leave every muscle in my body screaming and my lungs whistling with every breath. I never knew I had this passion for fitness and to be my own kind of super hero until I stepped into Triumph Krav Maga. If you don't at least give it a try, I think you will truly miss out on one of the biggest and most life changing moments of your life.

Lauren N.

Triumph Krav Maga Katie S.

I LOVE THIS PLACE! Every single trainer is amazing. They are positive, motivating & take the time to get to know you. The coaches help you go at your own pace, while pushing you and your personal limits. They always modify the workouts that I have trouble with and are always looking out for correct form. I highly recommend them!

Katie S.

Triumph Krav Maga Brittani P.

Amazing!!! I did their 6 week challenge. Loved it best thing I could have ever done. I gain so much confidence, self worth and assurance. I came in at a size 18 and finished a size 14. I'm thrilled with my results and I can't wait to continue my next step in my training. The staff is amazing. I have tried a lot of things and I often felt like a burden to trainer or staff, but never at triumph. They alway greet you with a smile they know where you are going before you ask because they know who you are. I can't say enough about the programs they offer. You come in a stranger and leave family. They really are amazing!!!!

Brittani P.

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