Weapons Defenses

Disarm an attacker with a handgun, long gun, edged weapon, blunt object, or improvised weapon.

Weapons training is a vital component of Krav Maga. This is because Krav Maga is a practical form of self-defense, and one can never know what kind of weapon an attacker might present during an encounter.  This means that it’s essential for Krav Maga practitioners to be well-informed about the full range of weapons that could be used in attacks. Not only will the practitioner be able to fight off an armed attacker, but he or she will also have the skill to take control of the weapon and use it as a tool of self-defense. Weapons and weaponry knowledge can be the difference between life and death.

Types of Weapons threats and attacks

Long Guns and Handguns

Studens will learn to disarm an attacker holding long guns and handguns from various angles.  In law enforcement specific classes, officers will learn how to prevent their handgun from being taken away.

Knives and Improvised Edged Weapons

Knives and makeshift edged weapons are a popular choice among lurking predators, so it’s imperative that students understand how to properly defend and takeaway an opponent’s knife during a violent encounter.

Baseball Bats, Sticks and Blunt Objects

Defend against a blunt object being swung at you on a horizontal or vertical plane. Effectively learn how to disarm the attacker and even use the object as your weapon to prevent yourself from being harmed.