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I used to run regularly for a few years and that really helped keep my weight down. However, I literally HATE running and eventually fell off the bandwagon. Several years went by with no regular exercise and I gained a ton of weight, developed poor eating habits, and basically felt like crap. When I first signed up here [at Triumph], I was excited to start losing the 4 or 5 pounds a month again, like I had I had done while running. THE FIRST MONTH ALONE, I lost 17 pounds, stopped eating as much sweets, and am now literally ADDICTED to taking the classes because not only do they work, they are so much FUN! I am completely supportive of the program here and am telling everyone I know about how great it is – where else can you take 3 different kinds of classes – fitness, self-defense training, and cardio/endurance – in one gym with a single membership?!

Brandon M.

Training here has benefited me greatly since I’ve started almost two years ago. I started here because I was diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and arthritis in the spine. I experienced tremendous pain daily just doing simple things in every day life. I also experienced a knee injury that I was told I would never run again. Once I started training at Krav became addicted to the intensity.  Slowly I was able to remove myself from three types of pain medications to now I’m no longer take meds unless it’s over the counter for minor pain. Because of Krav I’m able to fully run again and enjoy working out. I’m glad I came to Krav, I love it and would never train anywhere else!!!

Hazel Bowser

Please believe me when I say I know what you mean if you are someone intimidated by a self defense program. Vin and his staff at Triumph Krav Maga will IMMEDIATELY make you feel like family. It will get you fit and you will gain unbelievable confidence. I have been with them for a little over a year now. I simply cannot say enough about how great this particular program is when combined with the welcoming atmosphere provided by fellow students and instructors.

Terry St. Germain, NOPD Officer

I have trained here at Triumph since the beginning of this year. In that time I feel as though I have become a part of another family. Vin and his staff are Courteous, Professional and absolutely devoted to their student’s success. This is not a school where you have to worry about attitudes and Egos, those are taught to be left at the door. The students are supportive and eager to help new members as well. Triumph teaches its students to not just learn Krav Maga, but understand its Philosophy and why it works so well in the real world. I really cannot say enough about the school, its staff and how positively it has affected my life (mentally and Physically).

Joey Goodwin

If your reading this review, you have already shown an interest in TRIUMPH Krav Maga. Well, here is my thoughts on TRIUMPH. I have never meet a more unique, friendly and encourageable set of individuals. They get you to do things that you would never thought possible. Class schedule fits every lifestyle, whether you’re a stay at home parent, work 9 to 5, or work offshore. They offer 65 classes in a week. I’m pretty sure they have a time slot suitable for you. INTIMIDATED? Don’t be, Not here! Not only do the instructors encourage you, the students will too! Let’s face it. You may be thinking, “Well, I’m not…” and “I can’t…”. Right?! TRIUMPH is not just a name, it’s a promise, that Vin and his elite instructors will help you triumph and overcome any obstacle in your way. Just give them ONE chance, and you will NEVER regret it.

JC Hernandez

Self-defense that works for everyone. Krav Maga was designed for the Israeli Defense Force where every citizen serves. They needed a fighting style that was ruthless in a fight but would work for men and women. My family first started at Triumph because we were looking for a good art for my eight-year-old to study. It’s awesome. I’ve seen him grow in confidence and discipline. He’s progressed and loves to spar but also treats the other kids with respect. I got a little jealous watching so I joined and have been going for more than one year. The techniques are intuitive and ruthless. They work! But best of all the instructors are great teachers that really care about the students. Triumph Krav Maga is a community of people that work to make each other better. Now, my wife has started taking classes and we’re looking at getting my youngest son started now that he’s turned four. Triumph Krav Maga is one of our favorite things about this city. We all look forward to spending time there. I cannot recommend Triumph Krav Maga enough.

David Segraves

From the day I checked this place out two years ago, I knew this place was the right place for me. The staff and the instructors are super helpful and courteous. You learn really quickly here. Two years stronger than ever and I can’t think of going any place else. The motivation and the family feel of this place is one of the many reasons I will never miss a beat(ing).

Michele May

Triumph Krav Maga is not only a second home to myself but to many men, women and children of all ages and sizes. We have police officers, teachers, nurses, construction workers, veterinarians and more, from all walks of life. When walking into TKM, you are not walking into an MMA Gym. You are walking into a welcoming environment full of good people who want to be able to protect themselves, friends and family from the dangers of the world. Krav Maga allows you to learn one technique at a time and then build on it, making it EASY for EVERYONE to learn. For those who may be nervous or second guessing yourselves… that feeling will be gone by the end of your first class and will be replaced with a new found confidence instilled by your instructors and training partners. It’s simply the best.


I trained with the instructors at Triumph Krav Maga for a year before joining Doctors Without Borders and heading off to Uganda to manage a clinic in a refugee camp. Now I’m preparing to leave for my 2nd mission, which will be in a conflict zone in South Sudan, where I will help to build an ER to care for war-wounded. The skills I learned with y’all — assessing my surroundings, keeping calm and focused in tense situations, and trusting in myself to react appropriately — have given me the confidence to even attempt such a difficult assignment. Thank you, Triumph Krav Maga!

Jillian Loveland

If you are like me and can procrastinate when it comes to going to the gym than you will love this place. The culture is magnetic and it makes working out a blast, with a bunch of friends helping each other progress. It’s like having a personal trainer in every class so the value is huge. I looked at it like if I went once a week it was more cost effective than 2 hours of a personal trainer. The first week I went 3 times and within a couple weeks I was going everyday sometimes multiple times a day, I can not get enough…. I recommend it to anyone that wants to be more comfortable and get in the best shape of your life.

Chris Schweda