Instructor Spotlight: Mary Adinolfi

April 1, 2017


  1.  How did you get introduced to Krav Maga and what about it interested you?

I have been interested in martial arts since I was 15. I was introduced to Taekwondo and trained for a few years to achieve a black belt and instructor trainee level. I left for college for four years, and returned to New Orleans seeking a more realistic style of fighting; one that would make me feel comfortable and confident walking on the street alone. I found Krav Maga through my research and never looked back. I loved the idea of being able to disarm attackers, and the aggressive drills and skills taught were exactly what I was searching for.


  1. How does knowing Krav Maga aid you in your day-to-day life?

One of the greatest and most paramount aspects of Krav Maga is the ability to be more self aware of your environment; to avoid becoming a victim in the first place. Attackers select their prey very strategically. They sense and notice a lack of confidence, notice when people walk looking at their cell phones, shoulders shrugged, head down, etc. Krav Maga begins with a basic understanding of how to compose yourself, exude confidence, and never to be a victim in the first place. This can help with many aspects of your life including career and social skills. Krav Maga can build a person’s confidence in no time, by simply teaching posture while walking, looking people directly in the eye, being proactive, etc.


  1.  Tell me a little about your experience at Expert I.

I had the greatest time at Expert I. Once you move up in the system as an instructor, you have to wait longer in order to obtain your next level certification. It had been two years since I went to LA for instructor certification courses, due to the police academy and new job I had to take on. Needless to say, I had been looking forward to Expert I for a long time. I love going to LA because I get to learn from the best of the best. I had the opportunity to learn from a long time law enforcement officer, David Bluestein, who had the privilege to work under Imi. Each and every instructor out there has something different to offer, much like Triumph Krav Maga. I learn so much when I take courses out there, and the only thing I want to do is return home to share the knowledge. Like I said in my earlier answer, learning to disarm attackers with weapons was the highlight of reasoning behind signing up to learn Krav Maga, which was a primary focus in Expert I.


  1. As a police officer, express your view on how important it is for people (specifically women) to know self defense.

As a police officer, I see situations where people (men and women) could have used self defense training. I believe the world observed that a little self defense can go a long way, with the recent attacker in the women’s restroom in a Seattle park. We can teach technique every class in krav maga; however, one of the most important aspects to being an instructor is to teach that the fight will never stop until the attacker is no longer a threat. We push our students to limits they never dreamed that they had so that in situations, like the seattle one, they hear our voices telling them to keep fighting and that quitting simply is NOT an option.

Unfortunately as a police officer, I see plenty of domestic violence scenarios where women feel helpless and continue to return to an abusive partner. Self defense training would help build their confidence, and inform them that it is NEVER ok for their partners to put their hands on them. We have worked with many sexual assault victims, including victims of domestic abuse, who have stated that Krav Maga has saved their lives. I wish I could provide this service to every woman out there, and share the experience I have had both as a student and instructor, having dealt with these type of victims.


5. What are your future goals regarding Krav Maga?

I sometimes can’t believe that my journey started five years ago. When I began Krav Maga, a huge goal of mine was to become law enforcement certified, which I was so gratefully able to achieve just last year. The more recent goal was to reach an expert level in Krav Maga, specifically to complete Expert I. Despite my ever changing work schedule, I was luckily able to achieve that this past January 2017. A special thank you to Vin Chary, who worked with my crazy schedule in order to help me prepare for that. I assist in training new instructors wherever I am needed and look forward to continuing that aspect of my job. I intend to continue my training, teaching, and setting new goals for myself, despite my weekly alternating schedule! I currently look forward to and cherish the days that I am able to teach my students. It is truly a blessing.