Krav Maga

Test, develop & hone your fighting skills through partner drills & sparring (for men & women).

Krav Maga Sparring Classes offer a variety of fighting techniques for men and women of all levels. Our goal is to create well rounded fighters – both standing and on the ground.

Intro to Sparring

This beginning level fight class is designed for those students who want to experience fighting in a step by step, methodical, non intimidating fashion. The students will learn the essential strikes, blocks, and movements of Krav Maga street fighting and will be brought along slowly until they are accustomed to the contact that occurs in a fight. There will be some degree of contact in every class, beginning with minimal contact and ending with light sparring by the end of the class. All students must complete 8 Level 1 self-defense classes prior to entering and full protection consisting of headgear, mouthguard, shin guards, hand wraps, boxing gloves and a cup for men is required for each class.